The natural character of solid timber adds to the beauty of any garden, pool or outdoor/indoor entertainment area. Whether creating a patio that adjoins your house, a poolside deck, or a jungle gym for the kids, the appeal of solid timber will remain for years to come.
A deck can be installed to adjoin your home, surround your pool, and extend out from your house or simply as a freestanding feature. Regardless of the implementation, the natural character of the solid timber will blend seamlessly with the landscape of your garden.

Should you be interested in our products, Charel Faurie, owner of Deck Creations, will personally visit your site, listen to all your needs and requirements, exchange ideas, and offer advice based on years of experience ensuring that Deck Creations will provide the best possible solution for your individual needs.

Charel will advise you on the size (maintaining proportion with your garden and living area), position (maximizing usage; allowing for water drainage; etc.), and function (combining entertainment and living possibilities). Each deck is custom designed to suit your vision and requirements, and to accommodate your budget.

Deck Creations has a policy of sourcing and using only the best materials for any job, no matter how big or small. We have a trusted chain of suppliers in terms of products and services and are proud to be associated with the quality they offer. We highly recommend African hardwoods, as they are accustomed to the harsh climatic conditions of South Africa, but we also work with Saligna Decking & Flooring, Meranti Decking & Flooring, Teak Decking, Masaranduba Decking, Balau Decking and Rosewood Decking.

Deck Creations has a specific field of expertise and we are proud to say that designing and installing Rhodesian Teak Decks is a particular expertise we have acquired over the years.

The Deck Creations teams are all qualified and experienced carpenters. For exceptional quality we use traditional decking techniques in constructing your wooden/timber deck. No corners are cut, thus ensuring the quality and durability of the finished deck is paramount.

Although your deck will last for many years in the open environment, it is always advisable to treat the deck from time to time. With the advancements made in oil based products the last decade, you need not fear the hassle of old-fashioned varnishes that use to crack and peel with time. We suggest to treat your deck at least every six months.


When deciding to purchase a thatch, there are some very important aspects to take into account. The following is a list of the specifications and standards that we uphold for each of our clients:

  • All our inside work is done with Cape Thatch Reed
  • The outer layer is thatched with normal “Highveld” grass, commonly known as the yellow thatching grass. We regard the quality of grass one of the most important aspects of the thatching process. Grass with reeds of 2 to 3mm thick is used. This ensures good compaction, density and prevents water penetrating the grass. Grass reeds exceeding 4mm are not suitable for thatching. A well compacted thatch ensures a good, dense thatch which will eventually ensure a longer life span. All grass used is winter cut, ensuring a good quality grass.
  • Our standard thatch thickness is 175mm unless stated otherwise.
  • All our structures are built with SABS approved Tanalith treated poles.
  • Our structures referring to thatches with vertical upright poles are concreted into the ground in a way to allow water seepage and drainage into the ground eliminating any rotting.
  • The ground poles of all our standard thatches are 150-175mm in diameter to ensure a strong stable structure. Horizontal frame poles are 100mm-125mm in diameter and the main rafters are 75mm-100mm in diameter. The diameter of the poles increase as the span becomes wider.
  • All our main supports on the structures are bolted together using mainly 12mm nuts and bolts.
  • All poles have anti-split plates at cut off ends.
  • Structures are varnished with a “Teak” varnish. The Cape Reed with the varnished poles complements each other giving it a superior appearance.
  • Fiberglass ridging is used.

Workmanship on all our thatches is guaranteed for three years


Timber jungle gyms are usually assembled on site and are required by the nature of their construction to be permanently fixed in place. A wooden jungle gym is constructed from wooden poles that should be carefully selected to ensure that they are free from knots and defects. The timber also needs to be treated to prevent infestation by ants and woodborer and free from any splinters. It is important that the timber treatment be child safe and non toxic.

Typically each wooden jungle gym manufacturer has their own designs, ranging in complexity from simple timber platform structures to large interlinked timber structures covering a large area of space. Timber jungle gyms or timber play sets as they are sometimes known also come with rope ladders and commando nets. There is also a range of steel add on attachment items designed specifically for timber jungle gyms. These include steel crawling tunnels or barrels, fireman’s poles, trapeze bars, gymnastics rings, and swings. Fiber glass or stainless steel slides are also available as add on fixtures for timber jungle gyms. As is the case with steel jungle gyms, you get what you pay for and it is important that you have a timber jungle gym built by a company, such as Deck Creations, with expertise and a good track record.


Composite decking are made mainly by mixing pvc polymers and wood, or polypropelene and wood.

The advantages of using Composite decking to Traditional Timber is the following:

  1. No maintenance required. ( Sanding and sealing )
  2. Basically no screws on top of the decking boards.
  3. No splintering.
  4. Manufactured in long lenghts, so in many cases, no joints in your deck.
  5. Many different colours to choose from.
  6. Moisture resistant
  7. Eco friendly, as it is mainly made from recycled material.


Building of steel and wooden staircases to each customer’s specific needs.

Wooden staircases are measured and drawn and then machined, hereafter it is installed onsite by our carpenters. A combination of steel and wood is also an excellent choice as it produces quality, longevity and beauty at the same time.


Deck Creations serve their clients to meet their exact needs. We have a variety of balustrades from wood, stainless steel, cast iron and mild steel. We manufacture any shape and size according to the client’s needs and according to South African building regulations.